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Using the data you already have to make better decisions.

PERFORMA gives you the ability to quickly and easily analyze large volumes of data in order to facilitate decision making. It removes the effort required for the creation of critical business information allowing you to focus on running your business. PERFORMA enables you to find the business intelligence in your data for proactive strategic business management and to make day to day operational decisions.

Intelligent Information

It is said that if you cannot measure something then it cannot be managed. In this age of Information Technology the ability to capture raw data about your business has never been easier. Getting meaningful information to help manage your business can be a daunting task.

PERFORMA processes the data in terms that you use every day. The information can then be analyzed with the big picture in mind. As you study your business you can drill down to get more specific information.


It’s all about giving you access to the business intelligence locked away in your corporate data to simplify your decision making.

Businesses use 10 percent of the data available to make business decisions. Performa can help you unlock the business advantage in the other 90 percent of the data you already capture.


The Swiss Army Knife is renowned for its flexibility and quality. PERFORMA is the Swiss Army Knife of data analysis tools providing:

  • Flexibility

  • Ease of Use

  • Performance


Performa provides the following functionality:

Graphical Analysis. Analysis of the data using performance indicators to generate top level graphs. Graphs can be drilled down, overlaid and compared. Several analyses can be generated at the same time and saved for future use.


Intelligent Forms. The forms can be used in conjunction with a graph, showing the data behind the graph (all original records). Unusual records can be removed from the analysis to generate a more accurate graph. The Intelligent Forms can also be used on their own to perform analysis and searches.


Ad Hoc Queries and Reports. Users can generate their own queries and reports through an easy to use user interface. Queries and reports can be saved for future use.

Custom Reports and Forms. PERFORMA can be customized rapidly for each customer. Requested reports and forms can be added in order to meet all of your requirements for reporting and data analysis.


Ease of Use

PERFORMA provides an intuitive interface to access the information you want, when you want it. Using a combination of dialog boxes and graphical analysis the user is quickly up and running. In no time you will be able to get the information you need. PERFORMA provides the ability to view your analysis from any angle as you drill down into the layers of your data. Or, you can compare the different facets of the data to realize trends and anomalies.



PERFORMA uses an intelligent, optimized data warehouse where the data is segmented, indexed and pre-calculated for the optimal use of all Performance Indicators created. With data processing being performed on the server the horsepower necessary to generate optimal performance is being used effectively. The creation of each graph is performed by the client thus optimizing the server performance. This also creates small packages for transmission to the client. Overall performance is optimized.

Flexible Installation

Have it your way — Standalone or Client / Server

As a client / server application, PERFORMA is designed to minimize the impact on your corporate network. The graphical analysis is performed at the client based on small packets of data generated on the server. This method realizes the synergy of the two computers working together.

Established Standard

PERFORMA is an established standard in business intelligence software. With clients in the fleet management, financial budgeting, sales management and human resource management business functions PERFORMA has clearly demonstrated its ability to meet your needs both now, and in the future.

Flexible Implementation

PERFORMA can handle the demands of your environment. The implementation can be done in phases where only a few indicators and reports are setup initially.

Performa can process your corporate data for delivery to the user. It readily supports all major vendors of relational databases and most desktop database technologies. You choose the final data warehouse implementation technology.
The intelligent data warehouse can aggregate data from various systems and database technologies.


Communications between the PERFORMA client and server can accommodate your business needs. Any network communications method is supported.

PERFORMA is a Microsoft Windows application. As a Client / Server application it has very modest system requirements. The impact on your server is dependent on the volume of data to be analyzed and the number of concurrent users. Most installations can be performed on existing hardware.

Flexible Implementation
PERFORMA provides you with the ability to use it straight out of the box as a data analysis tool.
You could create a customized analysis experience for your organization. Create standardized reports, saved analyses for repeated use, custom graphics with logos etc


InnoVision delivers customized software solutions for all applications. With over twenty years of experience we can meet your needs in all areas of your business.

Technical Specifications

Performa Client
Operating Systems:
Windows Vista, Windows 7/ 8/ 10
System Requirements:
1 G RAM and 2 G HDD

Performa Server
Operating Systems:
Windows Server 2016
System Requirements:
4 G RAM and 8 G HDD

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