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Multi-tier and Client/Server Solutions

InnoVision uses Oracle and MS SQL RDBMS with the full suite of MS Studio and Office tools for the development of the majority of its custom systems.

Primarily Oracle and MS SQL data servers are used as backend and Visual FoxPro, Visual J++, Visual Basic as frontend, integrated with MS Office suites.

Visual FoxPro is an object-oriented, relational database management system (RDBMS) designed for client-server environment. Its search engine is the fastest available for the DOS and Windows environments.

Rapid development time and low cost of production and maintenance makes Visual FoxPro an invaluable Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool to complement business process re-engineering, downsizing and migration to Client-Server Systems.

For solutions requiring a heavy duty, secure back-end we use the Microsoft SQL server or the Oracle server with Visual FoxPro front end.

E-commerce Solutions/Web Development Services

InnoVision has a proven track record of providing end to end e-business solutions to both the public and private sector.

We bring the global market to you by providing customized e-commerce solutions. Our company delivers unique design and innovative, integrated web applications, which enables you to create more engaging, satisfying on-line customer experience for your clients.

Broadband / Cloud Services / Voice / Collocation

Broadband- Imagine having a single (or dual) fibre optic connection at your head office and be able to connect it to every location, anywhere, anytime, over any provider but with much better quality.

Cloud Services- We provide multiple safe, secure, and well connected data centers for you to collocate your vital IT assets and other applications to the cloud. (VOIP, storage, mail, ect.)

Voice- You will notice that our voice is much different than other service providers. We use the latest technology to offer our customers high definition sound quality and unlike any other service provider, we charge on aggregate usage!

Colocation- Connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Collocate beside the actual PSTN in our space.

Why choose us? For the same price that you are paying today you can get everything you need faster and with quality service. We provide better tools and improved reliability and are easy to work with. We do an excellent job and have an extraordinary help desk.

Software Engineering

Our software engineering services are primarily oriented around the solution of database management problems. Our on-site process begins with the creation of a customer driven database design that encompasses the user inputs and requirements, current user databases and system, customer standards and policies and other key variables.

The design then leads to the creation of models that capture the required attributes, business rules and results in a final customer reviewed design. There is on-going consultation to ensure the client's requirements are being met.

The design is then implemented and delivered when complete.


Consideration is given to factors such as budget constraint, networks topology/architecture, security and the operating environment.

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